Collection: Behind The Brand

We're not designers. We're just a couple of dudes...

Bryce Alsten and Chapin Dalton Rowdy Parrot Founders

Dudes who wanted to rep a brand that we could actually relate to. A brand that looked, smelled, and felt like our adventures living by the coast.

We wanted gear that suited our adventurous lifestyle and legitimately represented our interests and experiences growing up in the waves.

As our explorations took us farther and farther from home, we knew it was time immortalize our roots by creating something bigger than ourselves.

As Jimmy Buffet said: Changes in latitude, changes in attitude...

So one day we decided to create an Instagram page called @rowdy_parrot, and we started posting content that defined our vision.

One thing led to another and here we are today, grateful to be part of something that allows us to connect with other epic adventurers and paradise-seekers like yourself.

So wherever you're from, and whatever it is you like to do, we hope this brand inspires you to seek adventure and find your paradise wherever you go.

Live Rowdy 🤙